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We are committed to eliminating the barrier to access personal protective equipment by leveraging AI and real time data analytics. 
Committed to The Fight Against Infectious Diseases 
COVID-19 and other infectious diseases continue to flourish in a world of global travel, urbanization and climate change. Diseases spread fast, but knowledge can spread faster. 
How We Do It

Through real time data, we can quantify the risk of exposure to infectious diseases globally, detect outbreaks, anticipate dispersion and impact. We gather this data and work with our large global network of medical suppliers to find medical supplies to fight outbreaks and protect individuals.

Diverse Global Partnerships

We work with a number of global suppliers to bring consumers a broad range of products. We are constantly working to improve our network to ensure that we partner with the best suppliers available to achieve fast and timely delivery of high-quality products. 

Our Mission 

Safeguard lives and mitigate exposure to infectious disease.